We will donate the following amount of revenue to charity. This number will increase as our content and visitors increase. Our current donation is as follows:

3% of all revenue – That is… before any expenses. 3% of any revenue coming in will be donated to charity.

We currently have two sources of revenue; however, are working on more… We earn revenue from advertising and from Amazon purchases. If you see an ISBN number underlined, it is likely a link to Amazon in which we get 4 to 7% commissions for any purchases you make. In turn, we’ll donate the above amount of money to charity.

A lot of people shop on Amazon and noone gets commission for it because an affiliate link isn’t used. The prices remain the same, but why not do someone a favor and shop by following an affiliate link. It could be me (yay!) or anyone… do someone a favor… you can follow anyone’s affiliate link and any purchase you make in the next 24 hours (because cookies are stored in your browser to track this) will earn that person commission credits. I’ll give you a little hand… here are some Amazon material to look at. Clicking it, then making a purchase will earn me commission credits. I’ll donate my current rate to charity (which will increase soon) and the rest? Will be to bring you better content and yes, provide me a little income… I have kids. Give me a helping hand! I appreciate it very much.

What is different from my site and Wikipedia? I am working on developing some unique features. Soon, you’ll be able to see how much of an article is reliable. Perhaps, after this feature comes out, you’ll be able to use my content for research papers in school, which is currently frowned upon. Professors and teachers don’t particularly care for wikipedia-type of sources because it can often be unreliable information. I am hoping to change that outlook.

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